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Liver Cleansing Juice for an Ultimate Cleanse

Liver is probably one of the most important organs inside our body because it removes the dangerous and harmful toxins that are inside our blood stream. Furthermore, it gets all the consumed drugs we take every day. But what should we do if ever this liver gets sick because of the unwanted medicines we take?

Like the other parts of our body, our liver, needs a break as well. It needs to clean itself and be recharged once again for it to function better. Good thing, there is a Liver Cleansing juice wherein it shows the stages in removing the gall stones in our liver. This cleansing juice makes our liver go back to its original form and makes it easier to function.

In order to remove gall stones in a person’s liver, you need to drink lots of apple juice as the first stage to help the eventual passage through the bile ducts. Next will be the most important part of a liver cleanse which is drinking olive oil and fruit juice late at night before sleeping, where the gall stones can be expelled. Last is the grapefruit and lemon juice. These are used to produce more bile in the liver, trapping fat molecules and allowing them to be easily secreted.

The Liver Cleansing Juice doesn’t only focus on one’s liver but furthermore works on the other parts of the body by further improving our health and wellness. Like the other cleansing juice’s instruction, this juice cleansing is not too different. From the articles in various sites, it states that you need get yourself ready for the cleansing first by consuming any fresh juice for 3 days and small amounts of raw prepared salads and natural foods. After 72 hours, perform the juice cleanse already by mixing the Epsom Salts, 4 tbsps. and incorporate it with 4 portions of water, Olive Oil, Fresh Grapefruit juice and Lemon juice.  Liver Cleansing Juice for an Ultimate Cleanse
Then perform the next steps everyday:
1. Have a very light breakfast and lunch composed of fruit and vegetables.
2. At 6pm, drink 1 cup in the Epsom Salt water. Repeat at 8pm.
3. At 10pm, mix the fresh fruit juices then one cup of olive oil. Drink it, take a rest for the night and get a full sleep because the cleansing will do its magic!
4. At 7am, drink 1 cup of Epsom Salt water. Repeat at 9am and finish this mixture.
5. Eat only light fruits and vegetables for the whole day. Your liver should have washed off gall stones through the evening and you will then wake up feeling better every day.

This is a good and safe way to have a fit body by just doing these simple steps. This can be one of the best ways to treat our liver and make us healthier in the end by having a good diet after this juice cleanse. So why not try doing this? You might get a healthy and sexy body in the end.

Alicia West is a blogger that has been practicing the liver cleansing juice for over a year now. Read about her experience on the liver cleansing juice at her site on http://www.juicecleansenow.com/juice_cleanse/liver-detoxification-juice-cleanse/

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