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Liver & Gall Bladder Body Cleanse Testimony – (Natural Recipe to Remove Gallstones & Liver Stones)

2 Liver & Gall Bladder Body Cleanse Testimony   (Natural Recipe to Remove Gallstones & Liver Stones)Nina avoided surgery by doing a four day liver and gall bladder natural cleanse with only apple juice, lemon juice, olive oil, distilled water, and saltwater flush. She passed more than a hundred liver and gallstones. You, too, can avoid surgery if you follow this amazing free health recipe: http://www.cleansingorsurgery.com/cleansingorsurgeryinfo.htm You can see pictures of the expelled stones at http://www.cleansingorsurgery.com/gallstones.htm Liver & Gall Bladder Body Cleanse Testimony   (Natural Recipe to Remove Gallstones & Liver Stones)

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25 Responses for Liver & Gall Bladder Body Cleanse Testimony – (Natural Recipe to Remove Gallstones & Liver Stones)

  1. Nu13th says:

    @1dosucol1 Good …
    @1dosucol1 Good question. How ’bout those large stones? Are there stones in some gallbladders that are too big to pass or that will get stuck in the duct?

  2. Nu13th says:

    @Gingernova “forget …
    @Gingernova “forget about this cleanse” I was wondering if one does as you’ve stated, ie, eat less, eat more natural foods, etc if these stones would disolve and flush slowly?

  3. Nu13th says:

    @john4bs Regarding …
    @john4bs Regarding gallbladder flush: How’d it go, if I may ask? I hope it worked out for your friend.

  4. mayensegismundo says:

    Hi Nina, You are an …
    Hi Nina, You are an Angel…May God Bless You..

  5. fishman2002 says:

    @WildWeedster For …
    @WildWeedster For specific´╗┐ information and directions, please visit the website under my video. Thanks!

  6. TerryOlinger says:

    Excellent. I had a …
    Excellent. I had a friend who was ready to go to the hospital for tx. She decided to try something very similar to what you did and she also passed many stones. Amazing!

  7. WildWeedster says:

    CAn you tell me …
    CAn you tell me what 2 do for the 4 days? Where can I find all the instructions?

  8. TheWezid says:

    its working very …
    its working very well for you

  9. miriamross81 says:

    And, even if that …
    And, even if that were the case, how can u explain the FACT that after doing a few cleanses, all the stones are GONE. If that lab was correct, than these stones would come out over and over and over again, no matter how many times you do the cleanse. That is not the case. Not to mention, that my first cleanse produced large calcified stones that were mostly smooth. But every cleanse I did after that, they were newer, brighter and rough, because they hadnt been rolling in my gb for 28 yr

  10. miriamross81 says:

    @k40nflux I read …
    @k40nflux I read the “liver cleanse quackwatch” you are referring to below a while back, and what is hillarious about that, is that they recreated these globules by mixing olive oil lemon, AND potassium hydroxide, which soaponifies the oils. I make soaps, this is true, but our bodies do not contain potassium hydroxide! which is what actually does the soaponification. And, I would hope that no one is ingesting potassium hydroxide, because it is extremely caustic!

  11. TheWezid says:

    oh yeh babby thanks …
    oh yeh babby thanks a lot

  12. TheWezid says:

    oh yeh babby
    oh yeh babby

  13. Blessed2BeeAlive says:


  14. GeneralYogiBear123 says:


    Thanks fishman2002! Its been 3 days now and I haven’t had another attack. To be honest I’m not 100% sure if it was a gall bladder attack but I’m sort of leaning in that direction. If it happens again I will give this a try.
    Thanks again.

  15. fishman2002 says:

    @GeneralYogiBear123 …
    @GeneralYogiBear123 For specific information and directions, please visit the website under my video. Thanks!

  16. fishman2002 says:

    @GeneralYogiBear123 …
    @GeneralYogiBear123 Hello, you have to drink apple juice + distilled water every day (up to 1 gallon of each) for 4 days. Also, you have to drink 1 quart of salt water with 2 teaspoons of unrefined mineral salt/sea salt every night. On the 3rd night (immediately before bedtime), you drink 1/2 cup olive oil + 1/4 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Then, lay on your right side for a couple hours. On the 4th day sometime, you will pass the stones. Good luck and keep me posted!

  17. GeneralYogiBear123 says:

    How much of it do …
    How much of it do you drink each day?

  18. GeneralYogiBear123 says:

    I think I just had …
    I think I just had a gall bladder attack a few hours ago. Not kidding. I had constant pain in my back and than I took an ibuprofen and had even more intense pain in my stomach. This lasted for several hours. I’m 27 and am in good shape.
    So all I drink is olive oil to stop this from happening again?

  19. fishman2002 says:

    @poluboy The olive …
    @poluboy The olive oil makes the stones soft, so they can slide through the bile ducts. I passed stones of all sizes. Please go to the website that I have posted under my video for pictures and additional information. Thanks for responding!

  20. fishman2002 says:

    @GrangerF451 That’s …
    @GrangerF451 That’s wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story! Many people doubt cleanses and believe in surgery, so it’s hard to convince people. I’m so glad you decided to do the cleanse and now feel better. Take care of yourself!

  21. GrangerF451 says:

    @fishman2002 After …
    @fishman2002 After the flush, and sacrificing the 4 day fast! Let me tell you Ive never felt better!! Will repeat every 2 weeks until Im clear. Also adding lecithin and bile salts to supplements. AND Im keeping my gall bladder Thank YOU for this video. It was my start to taking responsibility for MY health and not putting it in the hands of a $urgeon who just wanted to cut my gb out without giving me a chance to help myself.

  22. GrangerF451 says:

    @fishman2002 Wanted …
    @fishman2002 Wanted to add. I was in the hospital after a gallbladder attack. The doc wanted to take my gb out. I said NO, Im going to do the flush. He told me they weren’t stones that I would pass they are olive oil feces. Ultrasound showed many small stones, and sludge. Liver enzymes high. Stones building into liver..no room in gall bladder.

  23. GrangerF451 says:

    @fishman2002 Im …
    @fishman2002 Im done! The fast was the hardest. Did the fast AND Dr Hulda Clarks (curezone.com) method. All day yesterday passing hundreds stones, some big! Didn’t hurt at all. Will repeat in 2 weeks. Clark advises doing till NO stones are passed. After the o/o & grapefruit juice ,lying on my right side..I could ACTUALLY feel the stones moving into position! For all you that think I was passing feces! NO WAY. I was completely cleaned out. O/O isn’t dark green I had BILE/CHOLESTEROL STONES!

  24. poluboy says:

    The stones that …
    The stones that come out are they hard or soft?Are they hard to pass just thinking it might be a problem if they are to big..

  25. fishman2002 says:

    @GrangerF451 This …
    @GrangerF451 This cleanse requires you to fast (no food) for 4 days. Good luck and please let me know the outcome. Take care!

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