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is Acai Berry power 500 and Total Cleanse safe for me?

I am 15, and I am 20 pounds over weight. I looked in to it and there are many success stories. Its also been on television many times~!! I found it on one site that said to take the Acai Berry power 500 and another product called Total Cleanse together. I just need to know if it is safe for me. I understand that I would have to exercise while taking these. is Acai Berry power 500 and Total Cleanse safe for me?

no its not safe for you, rethink your choice in food

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  1. andy e says:

    They are both total nonsense.
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  2. joeeco says:

    At your age, starving yourself is not the greatest idea…Try calorie shifting, works for most people.
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  3. Bubbles says:

    no its not safe for you, rethink your choice in food
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  4. David V says:

    Why do kids believe everything they see on TV or the internet.

    Please grow up and look at eating and exercising properly, these useless products aren’t going to make you loose weight, there is no such magical product.

    You need to put in the hard work if you want results.
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  5. silverqh2go says:

    i’m nearly convinced that the acai berry itself is supposed to be the "miracle food of the century" i suppose, but i think anyone who wants to get more fit or loose weight should seriously try to do it more naturally then buying some pill or program or something.

    but, to help you out, look at your diet and see what healthy swaps you can make. for example, that bag of lays you open up every time you get home from school? instead, reach for a handfull of almonds or blueberries. that muffin or eggs or whatever that you eat for breakfast? kill that and go get some healthy, tasty cerial like Honey Bunches of Oats, Cheerios, or do my personal fave- a bowl of granola with some vanilla yogurt topped with some strawberries!

    if you are over eating, try to make it a conscience thing so when you get that unnecessary urge to eat think oh, i’m going to go read a book or drink some water (and make sure it’s WATER!)

    and i highly recommend the book EAT THIS, NOT THAT

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  6. Rien G says:

    learn more about acai berry and get a free bottle of acai berry!
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  7. Sarah R says:

    First things first: DO NOT ORDER THOSE "FREE" TRIALS – Scam!

    Honey, I feel your pain. I’m 19 and a new Mommy, and about 30 lbs overweight. I saw the links to the same website. I read about the "Dynamic Duo" of Acai Berry Power 500 and Total Cleanse. I ordered both on November 7th. I thought, for 10 bucks, this may jsut do the trick!! Let me tell you how the "FREE" trials went.

    Total Cleanse:
    I paid $5.95 for shipping & handling. I read all the terms and conditions before I entered my Debit Card Info. Before I pressed submit, I copy and pasted the Terms agreement to a Notepad document on my desktop. It had the number to call to cancel, and the date by which I had to do so. This company sent the product in about 6 days. As far as I can tell, it seems to be having some effect on me, I’ve been going to the bathroom more often than usual. (eewww lol) So I guess it works. BUT now that I’m trying to call that number, to cancel the membership (so that it doesnt charge me $80 a month) — "NOT A WORKING NUMBER." I looked at my bank statement, for the charge of $5.95. Beside the charge there is a different number to call. Guess what!? That one is a DISCONNECTED number as well. This is going to come back to haunt me…. 3 days of trying to get ahold of these people, and I still havent been able to cancel the membership.

    Acai Berry Power 500 – TOTAL Scam!
    Let me start off with, Its been 12 days (keep in mind that this is only a 14 day trial) and I still have not recieved this product. So I couldnt tell you whether or not it works.

    This is the so called "most important" part of the Dynamic Duo, right? Well I’ll tell you WHY. Before you enter your Debit/Credit Card info, always read the Terms Agreement. I did. Or at least I THOUGHT I did. At the bottom of the screen, when you’re signing up for this trial, there is a small area of text that shows your basic "cancel by blah blah date, by calling blah blah number, and if you dont then we’ll charge you the low price of $80 a bottle." I’m thinking – Okay that’s fine, i’ll just cancel it before the trial is up. But those arent the actual terms. That text is only HALF of the Terms agreement. If you scroll down a bit further, then click on the Link- "Terms" you’ll see a different set of terms that says all of the above, as well as "and I also agree to sign up for this OTHER free trial for 29.95 a month" That charge on my bank account was a big surprise!!

    Anyway, that’s how pleasant my experience with those free trials went. Just be careful. I’ve had to cancel my debit card as well as spend 3 or 4 hours of my day calling these guys to get my money back. And I’m still 30 lbs overweight. LOL!
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  8. nextdoordecor08 says:

    If you need to cancel Total Cleanse, calling them will not get it done, the phone number is fake. What you can do is go to this link sflnutrition.com and get on a live chat and cancel your order/trail. Make sure you check your e-mail for confirmation before you exit the chat, and make sure you e-mail the chat to your self before you hit close. If you got charged see if they will credit you the fees, I found the link before my 14 days were over, so i have no experience with them crediting fees back. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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  9. Rajuthan K says:

    get more information and a free trial of Acai at http://www.sallysweightloss.com/

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  10. nylon says:

    acai berry is filled with nutrients that help your body. I would be careful of the acai berry that these companies claim are in their products, because you could end up with an acai product that uses low quality berries.

    If you take these together, how to you know which one is working? That’s what you have to ask yourself when people claim that a certain combination works better than using a single product by itself.

    Some claim that all the trials are scams, but that’s not totally true. There are honest trails available online. You’ve got to remember that some TV stars endorse certain acai berry products. So for them to endorse the product and it be a scam could ruin their reputation.

    Best bet would be to try one of the products and see for yourself. If it’s a trail, all you have to pay is shipping cost from what i recall.
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  11. jackatttack says:

    In any situation like this, you should always consult your physician before you decide to make a purchase.
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